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  1. Choose the Leading Intranet Software Alternative. Request a Demo of Igloo Software Today
  2. Find Out How Interact Intranet Is Demonstrably The No1 Intranet Solution For Your Business. Interacts Cloud-Based Solution That Improves Employee Engagement & Internal Communication
  3. Jive customers have found that social intranets can increase employee satisfaction by nearly 40%. Knowledge Sharing and Corporate Memory Instead of being siloed and invisible, vital knowledge is shared and searchable. The intranet becomes a form of corporate memory, enabling companies to preserve and leverage their collective intelligence
  4. Jive Is The Choice Of Leading Companies And Millions Of Users Worldwide An Intranet Like No Other Jive is an intranet employees really use and love. They get more done and they're happier doing it, thanks to our next-level features
  5. Jive's cost-effective social intranet platform has essential task management tools that help your company manage tasks, analyze tasks and improve productivity at every level. We make it easy to assign a task to an individual or to a team without hassle. Can Jive help with measuring success in the workplace? Jive helps businesses benchmark initiatives, track progress and analyze results. A.
  6. Not Your Average Intranet. Jive's innovative platform serves as both a modern document depository and a people-centric collaboration hub. If you're looking to take your intranet to new heights You're in the right place. See Jive In Action. Turnkey Package. No expensive customization. No dedicated IT time. No extra costs for premium features. Jive comes ready to go with everything you.

Jive Interactive Intranet Bringen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter, Wissen und Inhalte über die weltweit meist genutzte Kollaborations-Plattform zusammen. Jive schafft, was kein Intranet vorher geschafft hat: das totale Vernetzen von Mitarbeitern, Wissen und Inhalten, mobil und auf Desktop, in einem einzigen sicheren Kollaborations- und Kommunikations-Hub Auf dem Weg ins Social Intranet Erfahren Sie in unserem Webinar, wie die Deutsche Telekom auf Basis der Social Collaboration Plattform Jive ein konzernweites Social Network etabliert hat That's what Jive Interactive Intranet does. It combines the functions of a next-generation intranet, an enterprise social network, an enterprise collaboration platform and more - in one integrated digital workplace. It adds up to the most engaging virtual environment ever for sharing, connection, communication and collaboration Jive Social Intranet. 's Features. Connect, communicate, collaborate.- Brainstorm ideas and make quick decisions in Jive discussions. Keep each other informed with blogs, real-time status updates and smart activity streams

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  1. Somit ist Jive-n weniger als traditionelles Social Intranet zu verstehen, denn als Plattform zur Ergänzung und Verknüpfung Ihrer bisherigen Workflows. Dieser innovative Ansatz hat einiges für sich - bedenkt man jedoch den relativ hohen Preis, eignet sich die Software kaum für kleinere Unternehmen
  2. This video show cases the new Social Intranet for Life Technologies. We have chosen Jive SBS to be our platform
  3. Jive Social Intranet Solution also comes with a new Jive gamification module that lets companies create incentives for users to participate in certain activities and tasks. Jive Gamification, as the module is called, is based on technology from Bunchball and can be used to create workplace games to promote, for example, that members from a specific department answer a set of.
  4. Ein Social Intranet liefert Ihrem Unternehmen ein Unternehmensnetzwerk für Ihre Mitarbeiter. In diesem wird gechattet, Wissen geteilt und Projekten gefolgt. Das fördert nicht nur die Kommunikation, sondern optimiert auch das Projektmanagement. Top Filter Mehr Filte
  5. Jive Social Intranet and Yammer can be primarily classified as Enterprise Collaboration tools. Some of the features offered by Jive Social Intranet are: Connect, communicate, collaborate.- Brainstorm ideas and make quick decisions in Jive discussions. Keep each other informed with blogs, real-time status updates and smart activity streams. Share rich content. Create and complete documents.

Ein wichtiger Teil unserer Social Media Weltanschauung resultiert aus unserem eigenem Social Intranet. Es basiert auf dem Enterprise Wiki Confluence von Atlassian und heisst bei uns intern einfach nur Teamweb How social software from Jive -- Intranets, and Customer Communities -- helps put your employees and customers on the same page Jive Interactive Intranet Unite your people, knowledge, and content with the world's most adopted collaboration platform Jive goes where no intranet has gone before, connecting all your people, knowledge, and content in a secure collaboration and communication hub across mobile and desktop devices

Nick Howe, Head of Learning, explains how Hitachi Data Systems' Jive-powered social intranet as enabled fluidity of ideas and information across the company... Social-Intranet-Lösungen sind die Weiterentwicklung der traditionellen Intranets aus der PC-Ära.Denn die Anforderungen seitens der Unternehmensanwender an eine Collaboration-Lösung, die. Jive Social Intranet - Empower enterprise collaboration and alignment.. Microsoft Teams - Chat-based workspace in Office 365. Pivotal Tracker - Provides a proven agile project management tool for delivering better product Jive just doesn't jive with the modern enterprise. LumApps is the industry-leading intranet solution designed from the ground up to transform your organization and accelerate your business. Book your Discovery Call Jive was once the leading platform for the social intranet, but a lot has changed since 2001

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Our exclusive process gives you an instant look at the general rating of Creative Social Intranet and Jive. For overall quality and performance, Creative Social Intranet scored 8.0, while Jive scored 9.0. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, Creative Social Intranet earned 96%, while Jive earned 97%. Below it's also possible to check their functions, terms, plans, etc. to find out which. Its Jive-based social intranet, which is still in early stages of use, not only allows Accenture's employees to share their know-how, but also lets the company exemplify the technology and performance expertise that they provide to clients. About the author. Ephraim Freed is a communicator and self-proclaimed intranet nerd. Ephraim works at Riot Games now, but previously worked at DWG. Jive Social Intranet: Mission-Critical with Measurable Impact Nuance launched its Jive-based social intranet, dubbed The Voice, in February 2012. It was a huge improvement over its predecessor, which suffered from all the drawbacks of traditional static intranets, including out-of-date information, poor search capabilities and low overall usage. The Voice became became the go-to. Jive SBS und xelos.net haben das Paradigma der vernetzten Kommunikation am besten verinnerlicht und drupal bietet ausgehend von einem soliden WCMS eine Vielzahl an Erweiterungen für interaktive Intranets an. Wichtig ist daher immer eine fundierte Analyse der Anforderungen und der wesentlichen Use Cases

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Founded in 2002, Jive was a pioneer of the social intranet and widely seen as a success story among early B2B enterprise software startups. Since its acquisition in 2017, however, Jive's latest incarnation as part of Aurea is proving less-than-ideal for some customers. After spending years building up company intranets on Jive that enabled reflexive collaboration and real. 15 Alternativen zu jive. Die besten jive Alternativen 2021 im Vergleich. Wir helfen Ihnen die beste Social Intranet Lösung für Ihre Bedürfnisse zu finden und das bestmögliche an Funktionen und Preis-Leistung heraus zu holen Jive-n Social intranet software that drives alignment and productivity Learn More About Jive-n; Jive-n Pricing Interactive Intranet Plans & Bundles; Jive-x Customer and partner communities. Extend Jive Products Integrations, advanced features, and more. Extend Jive Products Extend your Jive intranet or community using out-of-the-box integrations and advanced capabilities. See All Integrations. According to Social Business Value Survey results, by using social technologies, Jive customers see a 32% increase in ideas generated and 25% decrease in onboarding time. Q. What else is important to understand about social intranets? It is important to have integrations with key intranet technologies and back-end systems. Providing rich. Jive's innovative intranet is a people-centric collaboration hub that supports key activities of your business in the office and beyond. Jive Software . January 13 at 9:23 AM · Companies of every location, size and industry trust Jive to keep their information safe. We work hard to deserve and maintain that trust by exceeding even the most stringent international requirements for security.

Jive skype Pansite b coyo itrix24 c hatter Das social intranet: einblicke, erfahrungen, erfolgsfaktoren Das social intranet: einblicke, erfahrungen, erfolgsfaktoren 9 Die Zeitung ist eher wie ein magazin, die news im intranet sind einfach nur news. Die sind also nicht besonders attraktiv und sehr textlastig. Das magazin ist viel visueller, viel bildlastiger und attrak-tiver. es ist auch. Social-Collaboration-Plattformen für Unternehmen gehen weit über die bekannten Intranet-Techniken hinaus. Sie bieten ganz neue Ansätze für die Zusammenarbeit der Mitarbeiter und für mehr Produktivität. Doch was müssen Unternehmen beachten, wenn sie eine Social-Intranet-Lösung einführen wollen? Welche Funktionen sollten integriert sein, und wie lassen sich Mitarbeiter bei der Nutzung.

Jive; SAP Jam; Wie am Anfang beschrieben, führen die Top-Trends der letzten Jahre eher weg von diesem Intranet-Konzept. Social Intranets haben den Verdienst, dass sie dialogorientierte Formate im Intranet eingeführt haben. Diese Stärke geht in der nächsten Generation nicht verloren, sondern ist weiter ein wichtiger Bestandteil von modernen Intranet-Konzepten. Der Anspruch von Social. Hub and Jive stand out as its top competitors based on similarity, popularity and user reviews. When comparing Creative Social Intranet to its top 100 alternatives, Enboarder has the highest rating, with Refresh as the runner-up, and Creative Social Intranet ranking 62nd place. Gusto has the most reviews with a total of 2,713, while Creative Social Intranet has 4

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Die Liste der verschiedenen Optionen und Begriffe ist lang. Deshalb soll Ihnen unser Intranet-Vergleich einen Überblick verschaffen und Ihre Recherche vereinfachen. Sie erhalten eine umfassende Bewertung der bekanntesten Anbieter für Social Intranet Softwares wie beispielsweise Happeo, Lumapps, Interact Intranet, Jostle, Jive und Simplrr. In. Ein Social Intranet erstellen. Warum Sie das Intranet 2.0 in Ihrem Unternehmen brauchen . Die ersten Intranets waren aufwändig, umständlich und nicht sehr effizient. Sie benötigten einen externen Server, ständige Instandhaltung und wurden von vielen einfach nicht beachtet. Dabei war die ursprüngliche Idee einer Intranet Software Solution, es Mitarbeitern zu ermöglichen, einfacher und.

Ein Intranet-Relaunch wird meist als Social Intranet geplant und im Markt stehen eine ganze Reihe von fertigen Softwareplattformen wie Jive, Bitrix24 oder Coyo zur Verfügung. Egal ob DAX-Konzern oder mittelständisches Unternehmen, Social Intranets bieten Vorteile für alle Unternehmensgrößen: Wichtige Informationen immer zur Han Social Intranet sehe ich inzwischen auch als eine Notwendigkeit in einer Firma um das geballte Wissen der Mitarbeiter nicht nur zu archivieren, sondern auch mit anderen zu teilen. So ist es ohne. Eine Studie vergleicht die führenden Social-Software-Lösungen von IBM Connections, Jive Social Business Software und Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Erstes Ergebnis: Microsoft muss das Feld von hinten aufrollen The software and technologies used in association with the Jostle intranet service are covered by U.S. Patents #8,631,021, #8,706,723, #10,523,613, and one or more pending patent applications, owned by Jostle Corporation

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  1. Community Management - Social Intranets; Jive Beratung; NEWS; BLOG; KARRIERE; English; Deutsch; SUPPORT; KONTAKT; ÜBER UNS; Englisch; Deutsch; POKESHOT. Digital Workplace - Microsoft Office365/ Teams. Ihr Weg zum modernen digitalen Arbeitsplatz und die wirksame Nutzung durch Ihre Mitarbeiter basiert auf verschiedenen Erfolgsparametern. Wir bei Pokeshot bieten Ihnen Workshops und Konzepte.
  2. Jive is but one social network platform that has invested in mobile access, and one of the reasons Cisco dumped their own home-grown social network for Jive. In addition, Cisco has more than 60 mobile intranet apps, just for employees, including the Jive social tools, maps, approvals, benefits, etc
  3. Advanced Intranets and Portals Conference; Enterprise 2.0 Summit; IOM Summit; Social Business Forum; Siehe auch. Funktionsvergleich - Jive, Connections, Sharepoint; Benchlearning Projekt Social Intranet 2012 (#blp12) Enterprise 2.0 Softwareangebote; Soziale Medien; Web 2.0; Industrie 4.0; Literatur Büche
  4. Es steigert die Produktivität, setzt Impulse für Innovation und senkt Kosten. Wir realisieren für zahlreiche renommierte Unternehmen Social Intranet Lösungen. Dabei unterstützen wir Sie während der gesamten Prozesskette von der Entwicklung der Vision über die Implementierung bis hin zum Support

Jive has been a leading social platform for many years that also has the advantage of being able to present content in an integrated way, leading to strong social intranets and collaboration platforms. However, in recent years there is a feeling that Jive has had less investment than other platforms like Microsoft 365, and that it can be expensive. With many organisations now fully wanting to. Damit meine ich nicht reine Wikis wie ein Mediawiki oder reine Blogssoftware (obwohl WordPress für sehr kleine Intranets durchaus eine Alternative wäre), sondern komplexere Lösungen wie IBM Connections, Jive SBS, Socialtext oder Atlassian Confluence, die Features wie Blog, Wiki, Forum und Social Network in sich vereinen und sich dem Nutzer als integrierte Lösung präsentieren. Microsofts.

Social intranet from Jive makes it possible. We would like to give you some examples of the added value offered by our social intranet: Work together on a bid, an idea, a presentation or a project. Find the right employee with the right knowledge with a single click. Let staff decide on the next outing for themselves. Onboard a new employee with far less effort. Search questions put by other. Social intranets have lost the battle in regard to their core use case. Jive; SAP Jam; The Employee Experience Intranet as a combination of employee app and modern intranet. Your target group can best define this new generation of intranets. For the first time, all employees can and should be reached. Therefore, these intranets have a very clear focus on the mobile channel, complete. Archives For Jive Social Business Software Gartner Magic Quadrant für den Social CRM Markt. Frank Wolf — 7. Die 5 wichtigsten Intranet Themen für 2010:... 15 comments since 26. Februar 2010. Social-Media-Monitoring gegen den Innovationsstau 2.0 in Banken | Social Media Evolution - TopicHeads.

Jive Software ist ein Social Intranet Pionier und Enterprise Social Network Unternehmen, das in 2001 gegründet wurde. Es gibt mehrere Unterschiede zwischen Jive und Bitrix24. Erstens, die Software ist für sehr große Unternehmen mit 10.000 Mitarbeitern geschaffen, es werden keine Tools für Kleinunternehmen zur Beseitigung der täglichen Arbeit (CRM, Abrechnung, Telefonie) angeboten. Logiciel Jive Social Intranet Comparez les Fonctionnalités, Avis utilisateurs, Avantages & Prix ★ Alternatives à Jive Social Intranet (logiciel de Développement) avec le Comparateur de Logiciels SaaS Cloud Logiciels.Pr Jive Software, Palo Alto, CA. 14,596 likes · 15 talking about this. We're the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business

Here you can compare Creative Social Intranet and Jive Voice and see their features compared contrastively to help you choose which one is the better product. Also, you can compare their overall ratings, such as: overall score (Creative Social Intranet: 8.0 vs. Jive Voice: 9.3) and user satisfaction (Creative Social Intranet: 96% vs. Jive Voice: 95%). Browse through their distinctive features. Jive Software, Palo Alto, CA. 14,598 likes · 15 talking about this. We're the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business Ihr Nutzen. Von der Identifizierung der Use Cases, über die Motivation Ihrer Mitarbeiter bis hin zur Implementierung eines Social Intranet-Tools für Ihre Bedürfnisse: Die Experten von Pokeshot helfen Ihnen von der Konzeption, über die Einführung bis hin zur optimalen Nutzung eines wirksamen internen sozialen Netzwerk

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  1. Jive Software, Palo Alto, CA. 14,596 likes · 17 talking about this. We're the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business
  2. Ein Social Intranet mit Confluence hilft Mitarbeitern und Unternehmen, produktiv und innovativ zu sein, besser zu kommunizieren und Lösungen zu finden. Mehr zu Confluence. Ihre Unternehmensziele erreichen. Social Intranets und Prozesstools gehören zu den unverzichtbaren Instrumenten für erfolgreiche und innovative Unternehmen. Profitieren auch Sie von einer intelligenten Vernetzung von.
  3. Jive va là où aucun intranet n'est jamais allé auparavant, connectant tous vos collaborateurs, vos connaissances et votre contenu au sein d'une plateforme de collaboration et de communication sécurisée sur tous types de devices fixes et mobiles. En tant qu'intranet prêt à l'emploi, Jive aide les collaborateurs à découvrir les relations et l'expertise dont ils ont besoin.
  4. Jive Software has developed a version of its enterprise social collaboration software designed for intranets, the latest product it creates for specific workplace scenarios
  5. The Jive Social Intranet Solution combines social graph analysis with collaboration tools, Microsoft Office support and gamification technology from Bunchball to transform intranets into internal social networks. For example, Jive says its product can make recommendations and provide filtered activity streams, pointing workers to information and company experts that can help them perform.
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Jive Software has developed a version of its enterprise social collaboration software designed for intranets, the latest product it creates for specific workplace scenarios.. In the case of the. Jive vs Creative Social Intranet. Remove All Products Add Product Share. Remove. Jive by Aurea Remove. Creative Social Intranet by Creative Web Solutions Visit Website . View Details. Starting Price: Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor Best For: The solution is designed for medium-to-large companies, improving employee engagement, alignment and productivity through better. Jive for SharePoint brings rich social interaction to your SharePoint content, so you and your team can easily find, track and work with the documents and information your business depends on. The Jive Engage Platform combines all the enterprise-class capabilities businesses require, plus the consumer-style experience users love. It provides everything you need to create

Mar 29, 2012 - Jive Software: Your Intranet. As Nature Intended Furthermore, most examples of social intranet software on the market at the time didn't offer solid solutions for document management. Collaboration-centric Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) such as Jive, IBM Connections, or Sharepoint lacked this key requirement for collaboration Jive befindet sich im Wandel und versucht, die Kommunikation in Unternehmen zusammenzuführen. Happeo bietet eine hervorragende Alternative, die besonders für moderne Unternehmen geeignet ist Whitepaper: Einführung von Jive als Social Business Collaboration Hub bei der fme AG. CEO Dirk Bode über den Nutzen des interaktiven Intranets für IT- und Beratungsunternehmen. zum Whitepaper. fme ist 25! Vom kleinen, regionalen IT-Systemhaus zum internationalen Beratungsunternehmen für Digitale Transformation mit knapp 300 Mitarbeitern. Feiern Sie virtuell mit uns mit! Social Business.

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Jive Software has developed a version of its enterprise social collaboration software designed for intranets, the latest product it creates for Jive also has pretty good analytics built in as a standard feature, a key element for either intranet portal or social collaboration use cases, as we all need to be able to measure the utility of. Apr 1, 2013 - Wondering what the best features of an intranet are? Jive interactive intranet has essential core capabilities and next-generation advanced functionality. Jive Intranet features and functionality allow businesses to take employee engagement and collaboration to a new level

Social intranet software that drives employee engagement and productivity Learn more about Jive-n Interactive Intranet Software. Jive-n goes where no intranet has gone before, connecting all your people, information and systems in a single collaboration hub and digital workplace. It's a social collaboration software platform that employees. The Jive Social Intranet Solution offers built-in gamification capabilities, and Jive is upping the gaming ante with the release of Jive Gamification, an advanced gaming mechanics module for Jive's Social Business platform. Powered by Bunchball, the module can dramatically increase adoption, engagement, and productivity within the Jive network through targeted incentives and activities. See what developers are saying about how they use Jive Social Intranet. Check out popular companies that use Jive Social Intranet and some tools that integrate with Jive Social Intranet Jive-n targets employee collaboration and social intranets with Jive-n, while Jive-x supports external partner and customer communities. Several other categories of application offer similar core functionality (such as support for profiles, groups and conversations), but also support other more advanced capabilities in specific areas. Edit. Jive-n competes with vendors that often get chosen. In a bid to boost employee engagement, Jive Software has included a gamification module in its newly unveiled social intranet applications. Based on the vendor's Social Business platform, the offering can adapt to user needs by analysing social graph data and can also be integrated with third party systems, the firm claimed

Benchmarking the Social Intranet. Of late, I've been crunching some numbers. My aim is simple - how to get a better sense of what adoption figures mean and how we might begin successfully. Jive Software is justifiably proud of its intranet product. Since 2001, Jive Software has built a collaboration platform that was well known for its support for social interaction, and in 2015 was able to report its first GAAP operating profit. In May 2017, Jive Software 'went Private' as it was bought by Aurea, and its future as a collaboration platform in the fast-moving enterprise. Auf dem Weg ins Social Intranet. Erfahren Sie in unserem Webinar, wie die Deutsche Telekom auf Basis der Social Collaboration Plattform Jive ein konzernweites Social Network etabliert hat. Aufzeichnung ansehen. Ihr Ansprechpartner Ich bin gerne für Sie da, wenn Sie Fragen haben. Ulf-Jost Kossol. Social Business Technology +49 351 - 2820 - 5200 Ulf-Jost.Kossol.kontakt@t-systems-mms.com. Bitte. Jive's Gamified Intranet Makes Businesses More Social. Follow us. Facebook; Twitter; Linkedin; Google Currents; IOS Application; Android Applicatio

Jive is a popular social platform used by organizations for intranet and collaboration applications. It provides powerful tools for managing documents and can also be used as a hub for collaboration within organizations. While Jive is integrated with Microsoft applications using connectors, its acquisition by Aurea in 2017 saw it become a more distinct solution. Not all users are comfortable. In the event you want to quickly decide on the optimal Social Collaboration Software according to our review team we suggest you check out these products: monday.com, Asana, Wrike. Jive vs. Noodle Intranet . Jive. VISIT WEBSITE FREE TRIAL. Every time you test various Collaboration Software solutions you shouldn't only study their list of features and provided pricing plans. Consider that the. The Jive Social Intranet Solution liberates the data trapped into these old systems, giving it flexibility, context and relevance. We want to offer our customers a more social and rewarding way to engage internally, for increased productivity and collaboration. On the integraiton of gamification into its social business platform, Nathan Rawlins, VP of Product Marketing at Jive, said: We're. Great Intranets Part III: DIRECTV. by Toby Ward | May 28, 2014. Tags: DIRECTV, intranet, intranet case study, jive, social intranet, social network It takes a highly engaging, collaborative intranet to be a great intranet. And a highly engaged workforce, led by a very active executive team that not only believes in and talks social, but walks social too These enterprise social intranet software rankings are typically viewed with some skepticism, as the Intranet software solutions being ranked are usually paying customers of the research firm posting the ranking. Payoffs create a clear bias, causing readers to wonder if these are pay for play rankings and unsure where to find the true top rated social intranet software

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Jive's interactive intranet solution promises to connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace Compare. Learn More. HCL Connections (formerly from IBM) 19 reviews. Save. Connections from HCL Technologies (formerly from IBM, acquired by HCL in 2018) is a collaboration tool and employee digital workspace with key features like social analytics, blogs, document management. Social Intranet ist zwar ein Hype, aber von gut 40% unserer Kunden wird immer noch das klassische Intranet bevorzugt wird. Bei der Cloud ist auch sehr interessant. Bei kleinen Firmen (bis 50 Mann. Data backup company adopts Jive to make its intranet social. Employees responded by embracing the intranet and participating actively. Winner: Commvault SHARE. A 2015 survey of employees working for data backup and recovery company Commvault found senior management was not doing enough to keep employees informed. The company's intranet was little more than a collection of outdated SharePoint.

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Die Lösung. Angesichts der globalen Präsenz von Schaeffler mussten sie ihre unflexible Lösung durch ein modernes Toolset ersetzen, das es Mitarbeitern ermöglicht, sich zu verbinden, zusammenzuarbeiten und zu kommunizieren.Pokeshot entwickelte eine zentrale Plattform mit einem Jive-basierten sozialen Intranet namens Schaeffler CONNECT, wo alle Mitarbeiter Inhalte in mehreren Sprachen. Valo Intranet Ready-to-go Modern Intranet innerhalb von wenigen Wochen. Valo ist ein Ready-to-go Social Intranet mit Office 365 und SharePoint, dass alle wichtigen Funktionen des modernen Intranets beinhaltet und bereits über 300.000 Nutzer weltweit verzeichnet What is Jive Social Intranet? Jive turns your intranet into a hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. It enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps employees.. A social intranet does not mean that social networks will assume the whole power but that the elements of a traditional intranet, information, people and business applications, will be socialized.

Jive; Staffbase; COYO; Enabling Digital Workplace; Business Apps; Wizdom Zur Zeit aktiv> Valo; Social Collaboration. News und Events; Publikationen; Kontakt ; Corporate Site der T-Systems Multimedia Solutions > MS Social Intranet > Lösungen > Wizdom. Release your inner Intranet Hero Wizdom. Wizdom Intranet Mehr als eine Seite für Unternehmensnews - Ihre Digitale Arbeitswelt für Office 365. The future of the intranet is something I've mused on in the past in terms of a intranet specific browser and also about the way that I think intranets and the .com of an enterprise are going to get all mashed up by this social stuff. This post muses on what the intranet might offer in terms of a central controlling point and a radical DIY at the edges


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FERCHAU ist ein 1966 gegründeter Ingenieur- und IT-Dienstleister. Das Unternehmen beschäftigt Ingenieure, Techniker, Technische Zeichner und IT-Consultants, die Unternehmen für zeitlich begrenzte Projekttätigkeiten zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Die Basis dafür bildet das. Social Intranet Software. Zu den klassischen Social Intranet Anbietern zählen aktuell: Beekeeper; Bitrix24; Coyo; IBM Connections; Just Social; Microsoft Yammer (Office 365) Jive-n; Tixxt; Xelos; Opensource Social Networks. Je nach gewünschtem Funktionsumfang, kann ein Social Intranet evtl. auch mit einer frei verfügbaren Social Network. Social Intranet Software Market 2021-2026: According to a new report published by Reports Monitor, titled, Social Intranet Software market: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021 - 2026, the market was valued at USD xx million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD xx million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period Our Social Business Roadmap. From identifying use cases, to engaging your employees, to helping you implement a social business tool for your internal needs, the experts at Pokeshot will help guide you through the development of a customized digital workplace and social intranet concept Social Intranet; Marketing Engagement; Community Software; Enterprise Social Network; Partner Enablement; Employee Support; Show more. customer reference ratings. 4.7 (2239 Ratings) Testimonial (855) 4.7 / 5.0; Case Studies (357) 4.7 / 5.0; Customer Videos (1027) 4.7 / 5.0; Jive Software customer references have an aggregate content usefulness score of 4.7/5 based on 2239 user ratings.

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Jive Software is finally getting acquired, but not by any of the potential suitors that have been rumored for years. Will its social intranet platform survive under new ownership Jive's popular community-based intranet and collaboration platforms is often cited as born social from the ground up, instead of later adapted to today's newer, more participative communication.

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Jive provides the engaging employee experiences you'd expect from the world's leading social intranet software. SharePoint provides the powerful document and workflow capabilities you'd expect from an industry-standard content management system. With this ready-to-use integration, you get the best of both: a cutting-edge social intranet that seamlessly leverages your SharePoint content. Social Intranet Tools / Enterprise Collaboration Tools. Social Media macht Unternehmen an vielen Fronten erfolgreicher. Wichtiger als Branding, PR oder Recruiting ist dabei die interne Kommunikation. Dort bieten Social Media Technologien den grössten Mehrwert. Zu diesem Schluss kommt eine Studie von McKinsey. Laut der renommierten Unternehmensberatung erhöhen Unternehmen die Produktivität.

Jive Anywhere Intranet Plugin | Jive SoftwareThe Jive APIs: Social Intranet For Business and CustomersTop Intranet Platform | Social Intranet Platform | JiveMobile Intranet App for Employee Communication | Jive
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